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mini hotel 
Let us redefine your lodging experience

Nestled between high-rise buildings, you can find Mini Hotel surrounded by the vibrant Hong Kong city life. With locations at the heart of Hong Kong in both Central and Causeway Bay, Mini Hotel is always close to the hustle and bustle. We offer a new, motel-like experience for travelers in Hong Kong in our small, cozy, and warm rooms. We’ve managed to create something cheap enough for affordable long stays, but fancy enough to give you the classic, comfortable vibe you look for in a Hong Kong hotel.

Discover affordable, chic, and luxurious hotels in Hong Kong.

Not unlike that of a classic motel, our small boutique rooms are perfect for the modern traveler. As a city, Hong Kong has so much to offer. Cheaper and more affordable hotels are hard to come by in Hong Kong if you still want a comfortable stay. Instead of spending unnecessary amounts of money on an overly lavish hotel, Mini Hotel offers you something cheaper - without losing the benefits. We the best of both worlds and gives you the perfect base for you to explore Hong Kong from.


Mini Hotel currently has two locations in Hong Kong, in Causeway Bay and Central. Both locations are in the heart of the city. Not only are these perfect places to get a glimpse of what makes Hong Kong truly unique, they are incredibly convenient when it comes to transport options. Getting around from your hotel room is cheap and fast, whether you prefer to take the MTR, buses, or taxis.

Hong Kong has endless activities to do and places to visit for people of all interests. Foodies will revel in the choice of local diners and internationally renowned restaurants, while shoppers can get a similar mix between luxury shopping malls and street bazaars. Hong Kong might have gathered a reputation for its towering skyscrapers and picturesque skyline, but it also has plenty of countryside to explore – whether it be hikes, beaches, or treks.

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay Lobby.png
mini hotel Central 03.jpg

M I N I H O T E L. H K 

Complete with everything you need

Being a cheaper hotel on Hong Kong Island does not mean we cannot prioritize your comfort and enjoyment during your travels. At Mini Hotel, we place a huge emphasis on providing all the modern traveler needs. Everything from comfortable beds to large LCD TV and even a private bathroom is provided with each room, meaning that you always have somewhere comfortable and relaxing to retreat to after a day exploring or having fun in Hong Kong.  

Contact us today

Whether you want to learn more about what we offer as an affordable hotel in Hong Kong or are ready to book, we are more than happy to answer your questions. Simply send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


At Mini Hotel, we also value any feedback from your stay, and take pride in our positive reviews on online sites such as TripAdvisor.

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Mini Hotel Central Lobby