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A self check in hotel experience like no other

Convenience is the very cornerstone of Mini Hotel. The hospitality industry is rapidly changing and to keep up with the times, our self-check-in services ensure you don’t spend an eternity waiting in line at the front desk to check into a hotel. We aim to offer a smooth and seamless experience from the moment you step foot into our boutique hotel. With our self-check-in and out kiosks, all it requires you to do is enter your information, and you’re all set to enjoy your stay. Easy, efficient, and effortless.

The new normal

Self check in hotels and motels have become increasingly popular across the world as it eliminates the hassle some guests may experience, especially after a long flight. Without having to wait or interact with hotel staff, guests can use a self-service kiosk to check in, receive their room key, and pay for their stay. These kiosks also provide self check out services, removing the need to visit the hotel’s front desk entirely. For guests who value independence and flexibility, and seek convenience and efficiency when traveling, self check in hotels are right at the top of their wish list.


Discover a world of benefits

Customer service is the crown jewel of the hospitality sector and Mini Hotel has always remained committed to its ethos of providing exceptional experiences for all guests. With our self check in and out kiosks, we further elevate our promise and ability to bring the benefits to you, so that you can enjoy your stay with us.

Save the time you take to check in and enjoy complete customization to meet your specific wants and preferences. From the type of room right down to the amenities you require, our self-service kiosks ensure all your needs are met during your stay with Mini Hotel.


Frequently asked questions

What do I have to bring to self check in?


All that you require is your booking number and a valid travel document, such as an ID card or passport. Once you have input all the required information, you will receive your room key immediately.

How long does it take to self check-in or out?

At Mini Hotel, our kiosks allow you to self check in or out in mere minutes. We know people have busy schedules and places to be, so we have eliminated the hassle and replaced it with pure convenience.

Are the self check in kiosks open 24/7?

Our hotel’s self check in and out kiosks are available to use throughout the day. If you arrive late at night, though, we recommend contacting a member of staff to assist you. Should you have any further questions or inquiries related to our self check in services, please feel free to contact us.

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