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it's coffee o'clock


Looking for a relaxed and comfortable environment in the bustling city of Hong Kong to enjoy a cup of aromatic and rich coffee and spend leisure time?

With the growing number of coffee shops in Hong Kong in recent years, there's a new option for dating couples and friends to gather. Many people consider meeting in coffee shops filled with style and character, enjoying aromatic coffee, tasting exquisite desserts, and capturing memorable moments against a backdrop of beautiful décor!

Coffee Corner at Mini Hotel 

The coffee shops on Hong Kong Island are numerous and varied. Besides a good cup of coffee, the unique décor also attracts people to come and take photos for social media. The coffee corner can be found in the mini Central, which has two distinct locations in in the core areas of Central on Hong Kong Island. They are situated near multiple shopping hotspots and vibrant nightlife districts such as Lan Kwai Fong. Decorated with a stylish and artistic flair. Coffee Corner presents a unique interpretation of Hong Kong's culture in a new way, making it a perfect place for a photo op.

Enjoy a Unique Coffee Experience

The Coffee Corner at mini Central mini Hotel offers customers a brand-new coffee experience. Just a window away from the bustling heart of Hong Kong's core districts, you can enjoy a moment of tranquility. Indulge in the comfort brought by Coffee Corner, savour the refined and delicate coffee, and immerse in the rich aroma of coffee. Whether you’re spending time alone or chatting with friends, leave the stress and worries behind and enjoy your leisure time with one sip of our spectacular coffee.

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