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mini & muse Art Exhibitions 

Explore the fusion of art and culture at mini Central exclusive art gallery,

mini & muse, featuring monthly exhibitions that blend style & stories in HK.


Art Exhibitions & Fairs in Hong Kong

As an international metropolis with a multicultural landscape, a fusion of Chinese heritage and Western influences has long been shaping the identity of Hong Kong. It creates a melting pot of global cultures while fostering creativity and multicultural exchanges. Within this captivating environment, a diverse and broad international context unites local and overseas artists as they come together through captivating art exhibitions and fairs that transcend boundaries and ignite cultural development.


The Mini Hotel, situated in the flourishing districts of Causeway Bay and Central on Hong Kong Island, boasts a stylish décor that offers a tranquil retreat amidst the city’s hustle and bustle, adding an artistic flair to the fast-paced urban environment of Hong Kong.


Looking for artistic traces among the vibrant HK streets? Mini Central's unique art gallery, mini & muse, curates monthly art exhibitions and fairs, inviting artists from all walks of life to use diverse mediums for expression: oil paintings, photography, installation art, portraits, interactive art, illustration and more. Across the seasons and holidays, mini & muse organises numerous themed exhibitions to celebrate these special occasions with visitors, creating the atmosphere to immerse themselves in the world of art.

These exhibitions and fairs held at mini & muse blend multiple styles and elements, showcasing the collision of art and aesthetics and integrating art into life, where each unique piece tells its own profound story. Whether you're a local resident or a curious traveller, mini & muse provides a captivating space where creativity and culture merge together, allowing you to have a deeper appreciation for the arts amidst the busy life and bustling cityscape of Hong Kong.

Visit HK Art Exhibitions in Mini Central | Transportation Details

Mini Hotel Central is located at 38 Ice House Street, adjacent to A-grade commercial areas and surrounded by numerous shopping and leisure hotspots. Renowned Hong Kong landmarks such as Lan Kwai Fong and the International Finance Centre (IFC) are just a ten-minute walk away, making it conveniently accessible. To reach Mini Hotel Central, you can use the following routes:


Begin your journey by taking the Airport Express from Hong Kong International Airport. Upon arrival, transfer to either the Tsuen Wan Line or Island Line. Alight at Central Station, specifically Exit D1. From there, you'll have a convenient 8-minute walk to reach Mini Hotel Central.


Head to Central Station using the MTR. Once you've reached Central Station, make your way to Exit D1. After exiting, you can start your approximately 5-minute walk along Wyndham Street. Proceed further and find the stairs adjacent to The Foreign Correspondents' Club on Ice House Street. Ascend the stairs, and continue walking forward for 1-2 minutes, concluding your journey with a total travel time of approximately 8 minutes.


Alternatively, you can commute to Admiralty Station first. Upon arrival, take the C1 exit, which is located outside Pacific Place. From there, transfer to Bus No. 26, which heads towards Lan Kwai Fong Hotel on Wyndham Street. Disembark the bus after a short ride and walk for approximately 1-2 minutes to reach Mini Hotel Central.

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